CIMAC (Centro de Iniciativas Medioambientales de la Cuidad) is PGL’s newest partner. CIMAC is a municipal nature reserve and education center along the Chiquito River in the city of León. The organization started as a reforestation effort along the polluted river but has grown to an education center that preserves four distinct micro-climates in heart of the city. The mission of CIMAC is to instill the value of shared responsibility in caring for the environment and an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all living things.  Hundreds of Nicaraguan students visit the center every year to experience their natural heritage, learn about consequences of environmental neglect, and their role in combating climate change.

Current PGL Project

Environmental Educator

With support from PGL CIMAC will be able to hire a full-time Environmental Educator and expand its capacity to offer more students the opportunity to participate in its programs.  PGL’s support will also help to deepen their impact by offering environmental education training for teachers in public schools to take the learning into the classrooms.  The focus of this project is to educate students and teachers to handle trash properly, to appropriately use, manage, and conserve natural resources (water, soil, air, biodiversity), to address themes related to the socio-environmental issues of the local population, and to promote respect and appreciation for the nature all around us.