• CIMAC (Centro de Iniciativas Medioambientales de la Cuidad) is PGL’s newest partner. CIMAC is a municipal nature reserve and education center along the Chiquito River in the city of León. The organization started as a reforestation effort along the polluted river but has grown to an education center that preserves four distinct micro-climates in heart […]

  • PGL is collaborating with the organization, La Base, by providing funds for its Revolving Solidarity Fund. The vision of La Base is to create a just, democratic, and inclusive economy that promotes worker cooperatives that share decision making, profits, responsibility, and property of the business.  Through its Revolving Solidarity Fund it provides non-extractive credit and long-term business […]

  • Talolinga is a rural community of about 80 families located in the mountains of the Santa Rosa del Peñon municipality of León. This remote community is accessible only by foot, horse, or a rugged 4×4 vehicle. PGL has partnered with Talolinga for more than 25 years on development projects in the areas of infrastructure, water, […]

  • In the late 1980s, a group of women merchants at the Estatción market in León began observing a growing number of homeless adolescent youth hanging around the market.  Many were huffing glue to get high and others were stealing food to eat.  Several of the women reached out with compassion to the troubled youth and […]

  • Taller Artistico Xuchialt Serendipity! That’s how it all began. In 1994 Nils Anderson, who traveled to León to visit his friend Steve Ramos, PGL’s in-country coordinator, began sharing his love of the arts with young people in the Sutiaba neighborhood where PGL is located. These informal lessons and classes were the beginning of what would […]

  • Rural Nicaragua Ag Extension Project Better agriculture, better farm animals, better land management, better food, better nutrition, better income! These are aims of the “Rural Nicaragua Ag Extension Project,” a collaborative effort of the community of Talolinga, the Adams County Young Grower Alliance (an initiative of Penn State Extension) and Project Gettysburg/León. The project, conceived in […]

  • Monte Horeb Community Development: Monte Horeb—barrio in the city of León where roughly 80 families live in the most modest of conditions, including plastic tarp shelters, tin shacks and cement block dwellings, beside the city’s septic lake. When the wind blows to the north sewage fumes drift over the area, but this location is the […]

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