A potential new initiative for Project Gettysburg/León is a shrimp co-op located at Isla Juan Jenado on the Pacific coast just a 25 minute drive from León.

Yessica and Carlos, PGL’s In-Country Directors, recently took a boat ride out to the island co-op and said, “It’s good to see it in person. . . It’s the size of three football fields! It’s huge!”

Yessica and Carlos were impressed by the artisanal approach of the work that has a reduced environmental impact, and by the fact that there are 15 co-op members, a group of men with very different abilities. Yessica said, “It was very empowering to see how they truly work collectively to advance the work and benefit the many families impacted.”

The workers have begun to make the depth of the shrimp water deeper. One of the challenges is that of the availability of machinery, since this is not adequate in the area of Isla Juan Jenado.