72323_281133028679873_1099152951_nWhat is a sponsor?

As a sponsor you contribute financial support, typically monthly, to a PGL project that captures your interest. This steady support not only helps fund your chosen project, but gives you the ongoing satisfaction of connecting with a specific neighborhood or people with whom PGL partners.


100_7069Be A Sponsor

  1. Talolinga Rural Development

$30 Monthly can fund the university tuition for 1 Extensionist

$25 can purchase medication or veterinary supplies to support the new Vet Clinic

$50 can support seeds, supplies, and technical assistance to add a new member to the Seed Bank project

  1. Xuchialt Arts Foundation

$20 Monthly can support PGL’s efforts to build the skills and capacities of the Xuchialt teacher-artists in developing a strong, effective, and transparent organization.

$50 can provide 1 low-income student a scholarship to participate in art classes for the school year

  1. Las Tías Youth Center

$40 Monthly can support the Psychologist or Social Workers efforts to provide holistic services to high-risk youth and their families

$50 can help provide supplies and materials to support the extracurricular and vocational education programs

  1. CIMAC Environmental Education Center

$20 Monthly can support the work of the Environmental Educator to serve more students at the center and expand public school teacher trainings

  1. General PGL Sustainable Development

Don’t know which project to support?  We also encourage you to support PGL’s Sustainable Development Fund.  Your contribution will go to the areas of most need in our programs of Capacity Building, Education, and Cultural Exchange.

  1. Larger Projects (Economic Development and Infrastructure)

One can also support one of PGL’s larger economic development or infrastructure projects. The current projects around Cooperative Development and Clean Drinking Water in Talolinga are looking for sponsors!

To become a sponsor of any of the above choices please contact our Sponsorship Chair at: ldcairns@embarqmail.com.


13231123545_5e5185f8b8_zFrequently asked questions

1. How much is a sponsorship?

PGL finds from experience that a monthly contribution of $20 is very satisfactory for sponsors and for the projects, but it’s up to you–$10, $20, or more.

2. Will I be the only sponsor matched with a particular project?

Except in the case of an unusually generous monthly contribution that funds a project completely, your sponsorship will be pooled with that of others to fund the project that you and others choose.  If the income from sponsorships reaches the funding goal for the project you chose your contribution will be directed to a different area needing support.

3. How long is the commitment?

The recommended length of commitment is 3 years, since this gives you time to enjoy your connection with the project and people you support, while it provides PGL with funding it can count on. 

4. Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes, PGL is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization, and you will receive a letter at the end of each year stating your contribution for that year.

5. Will I have contact from the project I support?

Yes, you will receive communications—information, photos, etc.—every four months that inform you about the project and people you support.

6. May I contact the person/people who benefits/benefit from my support?

Yes, your communications are very welcome, even encouraged. When you become a sponsor the Sponsorship Program Chair will contact you via e-mail. After this you can send communications to León via the chair who will forward them to PGL’s in-country coordinator, who, in turn, will translate them as necessary and deliver them. Experience has shown that communication through the PGL office in León—in both directions—helps avoid difficulties.

7. May I visit the project and people I am sponsoring?

Absolutely! Watch for information about groups scheduled to go to León each year, join one of them, and see with your own eyes where your money is being put to work.

8. What if I want to terminate my sponsorship early?

No problem. Contact your bank or credit card company and request that your electronic fund transfer be cancelled or write to: PGL Sponsorship Program Chair, Center for Public Service, Box 2456, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA 17325, or call the CPS at 717-337-6490.)

Other questions?

With other questions or for more information contact write to: PGL Sponsorship Program Chair, Center for Public Service, Box 2456, Center for Public Service, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA 17325, or call the CPS at 717-337-6490. PGL will be pleased with your interest and happy to respond.