PGL’S In-Country Coordinator in León, Steve Lewis, and his wife Kath Owston, who serves as Program Associate, completed their 10-day visit to Gettysburg on Sunday, January 28, heading back to León after stops in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

In and around Gettysburg Steve and Kath participated in wide-ranging activities that left them with not much time to keep up with some of their necessary work via computer. Arriving Friday evening, January 19, the next day they joined in on the biggest activity of their visit, the annual “Nicaragua Night” fund-raising auction that attracted close to 600 people. For the audience Steve made a brief, engaging presentation about the vision and work of PGL, focusing on the connection with three young people in León.

On Monday they had two more important events—the Rotary luncheon, at which Steve and Kath, with an illustrated presentation, depicted the need for a water system for the village of Talolinga, followed by a session at the Gettysburg Borough Chambers. There they met with the mayor, Ted Streeter, and two of the Borough council members, Susan Naugle and Patti Lawson. The discussion focused ways to promote the sister city relationship.

On Wednesday Steve and Kath spent several hours on the Gettysburg College campus interviewing eight applicants for the three summer, 2018, positions as Summer Fellows in León. Then the two turned to the afternoon meeting of the PGL Executive Committee, where two relevant topics on the agenda were the follow-up to the Borough meeting on Monday and plans for the visit next September by artists from Taller Artistico Xuchialt.

Other sessions during the ten days included a visit to Waldo’s—the artist studio and gallery facility on the square in Gettysburg—a meeting with Tara Baugher at the Penn State Ag Center, and a morning visit to three classes at Lincoln Elementary School.

During the visit a number of folks hosted Kath and Steve for meals, including Karl Mattson, Gretchen & Rob Natter, Dottie & Lynn Cairns, Pat & Lou Hammann, and Victoria Zetune. Meanwhile Kath and Steve were able to take time for some relaxing activities, such as a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield and a drive north of Gettysburg into the orchard country with an inspiring stop at the Hauser Estate Winery. They fulfilled a bit of their athletic interests by bicycling one day for a couple of hours, but the highlight was an entire day on the slopes of Liberty Mountain—on the beautiful Saturday, January 27.

Their hosts for the stay in Gettysburg were Pat & Dave Crowner, who, as Pat reports, offered Kath and Steve for their good-bye dinner, a special, grilled Omaha steak meal. Dave said, “We didn’t want to send them off with a dinner of rice and beans.” Pat says in summary, “They were wonderful guests!”